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When drinking, the first piss you take that breaks the pee barrier, causing you to go constantly for the rest of the night

Do not break the pee barrier
"Dude I have to piss so bad"

"Don't man..You'll break the pee barrier and have to go all night"
by remtiwnived August 26, 2012
When you consume so much Admiral Nelson that you turn into a bipolar, raging alcoholic.
"Where'd Devin go?"

"He's having a case of Admiralism. He took his bottle and stormed out the door."
by remtiwnived December 11, 2012
adj; describing a girl who you would fuck.

Derived from the word Poundtown.
Yeah. She's hot and poundable.
by Remtiwnived February 18, 2011
The term used for someone who stays in the Lykens Valley, PA for their entire life.
Billybob: "Man, i really hate the valley. I can't wait to get out of here."

John Jr: "I'm going to be here forever. I'm a Valley Dweller."
by remtiwnived September 09, 2011
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