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4 definitions by relix

Derived from highway, it means a path in a crowd where many people pass through, e.g. on parties. One should use crowdways to go from point A to point B to annoy the least possible amount of people.
"We need to find a crowdway to get to the nearest bar."

"Damnit, we're standing on the outskirts of a crowdway, let's go find somewhere else to stand."
by relix July 17, 2005
Linoob was first conceived as a word in #bit-tech (quakenet) by one of the local nutties while talking about a person who is constantly asking questions about Linux while he could find the answers easily through a searchmachine.

Linoob is actually a concatenation of "Linux" and "noob". It means a person who is a beginner in Linux.
Person A: Man that guy pisses me off! With the incessant forum posts everytime he gets a small linux problem on which a 5 second google search would give him millions of answers

Person B: He's a linoob!
by relix January 07, 2005
Switching from one arm to the other when doing an activity because it's getting tired or starts hurting.
I had to arm toggle while masturbating because my arm was getting tired.

RSI makes me arm toggle quite frequently. Thank god I can use the mouse with either.
by relix February 28, 2010
The forty-first rule of sh00n is, you do not ask questions about sh00n.

Conceived in #bit-tech by a master sh00n.
Person B: blablabla something stupid blablabla

Person A: Hey, you said something stupid, you sh00n!

Person B: wtf is a sh00n?

Person C: Forty-first rule of sh00n: you do not ask questions about sh00n!
by relix October 18, 2004