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a monetary unit used in the financial special olympics world of reinsurance to describe a diminutive amount equal to the annual salary of a junior employee
Dude, stealing those cigars and breaking that humidor is going to cost us two Brislins. Since we slept in our car, our vacation in Hawaii only set us back one Brislin.
by reinsuranceredux December 15, 2010
When lame people submit dumbass definitions for made up words that no one uses, finds funny or are too fucking lame for the Urban Dictionary to publish.
Croz: Dude, I got rejected again by the Urban Dictionary
Reinsuranceredux: You didn't submit Blowee again? Bitch, how many times you gotta get urb slapped before you quit this shit? You should stick to Facebook and online dating websites, and leave this shit to the pros.
by reinsuranceredux November 14, 2013

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