17 definitions by refuze

Used to wrap your money.

The slang term was used by rapper T.I. on one of his songs to show how much money he carried around.
I'm the rubberband man! I got all that money on me fool!
by refuze May 11, 2005
A stupid or uneducated person.
Look at that jackass trying to moon the cop!
by refuze May 16, 2005
A movie ripping group that releases videos from DVDs and theaters on the Internet. They mainly rip DVDs now.
Centropy is so cool.
by refuze May 23, 2005
A 2D spaceship capture-the-flag game from Arc-HQ.net
Let's play ARC man!
by refuze May 05, 2005
Means either friend or enemy.
To Friend: Sup nigga? Wanna roll up some weed?

To Enemy: Nigga fuck you!
by refuze June 14, 2005
a website where madden players go and post. they talk about madden nfl and offtopic shit.
Yo man! Lets play madden.
by refuze May 07, 2005
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