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pronunciation - (meef) noun, adjective, verb, everything else.
- Mief, is a word that can take the place of any other word, and mean whatever the speaker wants it to mean. It is often translated into many different definitions which is perfectly acceptable, because it has no set definition other than the one in which i am miefing. In other words it is the pokemon "ditto" of the english language. Mief at your own risk. (coined by reesewho 2.23.11)
Dude, quit meifing around.
She is such a mief.
I can't believe he just miefed that.
We miefed all night.
I love miefing.
Sometimes, I mief with myself.
Why are you being so miefy?
Let's go mief some people up.
and so on...
by reesewho February 23, 2011
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