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The butt funnel is a great instrument/tool. It is simply one of those priceless inventions used to make an Alabama Key Lime Pie easier. If you don't know what that is, you are an amateur and need to look it up on this website. It's basically used just like any other funnel, it just has the word "butt" in front of it. Everyone knows how to use a normal funnel....So you don't miss the hole, rather it be a the hole in your car engine that you put oil in, a stink star, also known as a butthole, or just simply a cup. I guess a normal funnel could also be called a "butt funnel" as long as it is strictly used to perform an Alabama Key Lime Pie. Damn, I almost got off the subject...What you do is simple and very erotic. Just pee in the funnel as it is inserted into the butthole of your significant other right after you cum. This will obviously take a couple of minutes since every guy knows that a piss right after you cum takes alot of concentration. It is very possible though and awesome when it is accomplished. You will eventually get the perfect mixture of cum and piss resulting in an Alabama Key Lime Pie. If you don't enjoy this, don't do it because your girl will be asking for it time and time again.

FYI - Also, this device can also been referred to as a "Docking Station"...Simply used by rookie Space Dockers so they don't miss. After 4-5 times this device will no longer be necessary.

P.S. - This definition will require a gigantic coffee mug.
Tiawana: Shit T-Roy, you're too drunk to perform an Alabama Key Lime Pie on me tonight.

T-Roy: You're probably right baby. Good thing we purchased a Butt Funnel this afternoon. It sure is alot easier to his a 6-inch hole than your dinky little pussy hole.

Tiawana: That was awesome T-Roy. Please do it again.

T-Roy: Girl, you're such a freak. You got to wail until tomorrow. Everyone knows you can't do that until you eat something. Now get up and get in the shower and get the hell off my bed before that shit spills out. Damn you're nasty.
by reebdaeh October 05, 2009

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