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Mostly used by teenagers, saying "That's legit" is a way of saying "That's cool" or "Awesome". It is very much pointing out the obvious, just a cooler way to say it.
Dude I went to the skate park today.

Dude! That's legit.

Yeah I saw a hot chick there!

Really? Like, legitimately?

by redfingernails000 August 13, 2010
1. A deliciously warm animal who is the funniest little creature you will ever meet.

2. A colorful mixture of paint

3. A funny person

4. A very old, sick man
1. That Emrys made me laugh so hard! It was just so cuddly and warm.

2. I went to the art studio and tried to tick off the artists by making an Emrys.

3. That guy is such an Emrys! He is hilarious!

4. Do you see that pervert who lives in the green house over there? He's just a little old Emrys.
by redfingernails000 August 13, 2010

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