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2 definitions by redbomber0

an explicative used when something bad has happened to you, but you dont think is very important.
Did i just get shot in the leg? Poopscotch!
by redbomber0 October 11, 2005
someone who is an ignorant idiot. a really fucking stupid idiot. someone who is rascist and does not know how to do jack shit, or act normal, or be nice. A real punkass who does not know what they are doing, and are bullshitting their actions. Commonly used in a joking, nonserious manner; othertimes used as a way to combine shit and fuck when describing a situation or person.
What are you doing, shitfucker? Give me my keys back!

Those shitfuckers are always making fun of me...
by redbomber0 November 30, 2005