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For Sure with assurance, insurance.
I replied, " Forsurance", when she asked me if I wanted to smoke a bowl.
by Reborn925 October 19, 2010
Puppy Farts; noiseless gas clouds that are between cute and disgusting but still precious making you smile and even praise in non putrid situations only because he is the cutest puppy in the world and only kisses he does, kisses only...
Sam Sam is never punished even when he drops some Small Silent Poots after eating treats all day.
by reborn925 November 17, 2012
A Loose Female that Cares only for Her own needs whether about money, or just Filling her well used vagina left open for anyone who might pass by and have something she wants.
Alan and Amy sat disgusted by how far they had gone discussing her sisters enormous lovetunnel.
by Reborn925 July 30, 2011

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