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n. A wannabe politician who is an unemployed tax dead beat who performs witchcraft and earns money through farm subsidies in Minnesota.
Michelle is running for Congress, she says the government spends too much money, but she has a "farm" that gets paid to grow nothing. Now she wants a highly paying gig as a congresswoman. I thought she hated government, she must be a Tea Party Candidate.
by rebirth of keynes October 05, 2010
A) "Journalism" style meant to confuse the audience with selective cropping of footage, and context. B) Junk journalism
While living at home with his mommy, the 26-year old James had no prospects in life. So as a career he decided to devote his pathetic life to the Okeefe style of reporting.
by rebirth of keynes October 31, 2011
adj. common term used to describe someone who does not believe what you believe. Note: most abusers of this never read anything by Karl Marx (save maybe his propoganda script) so they generally have no idea what he is all about.
I am tired of that Marxist never agreeing with me. I mean, i am Glenn Beck, and i never went to school, but all my ideas are grand and spectactular.
by rebirth of keynes February 01, 2010

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