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Modern day hipsters are the counter-culture product of a belly full consuming materialistic society. We have no real social or political issues to revolt against; so they choose to revolt against the mainstream pop culture. *1* And with what again? Even more materialism and consumerism. *2*

Hipsters will enjoy a bunch of uninteresting "boring" things in an attempt to spite what they assume to be "sheeple". They turn neutral, once respected things into ridiculous holier than thou interests. Extreme examples turns into hilarity. *3* They will eventually suck the life out of anything that was once neutral.

A hipster is just as conforming as anybody, but then again, what part of youth isn't? Hipsters are no different than any other youth, Because take out the surface differences, the main reasons for such behavior is same as any; sex, vanity, social status, and substance abuse. Original "values" such as the pseudo "liberal independent thinking" have been destroyed by the vain parasites of the subculture. Stop fooling yourselves, there is nothing free thinking about (...) ; admit you like this band because it's indie (Not because it's original or "smart"), or wear this type of clothing just because nobody else does. Probably to look chic to others, ay? *4*

Like whatever pleases you; friendships are formed, not screened through like job applications.
1* Hipsters are a evolved version of resentment and social stigma. It's evolved however, so much; modern day hipsters are now a entirely new subculture of their own, Complete with specific trends and rules.

2* for example: Pop music, specific current fashions like mall clothing, etc are looked down upon as conformity. To "fight" such atrocities; hipsters desperately cling to their own trends, such as listening to extremely obscure music and buying only from specific labels.

3* *Hipster: "Yeah, I really enjoy (insert band)"
Someone: "You know... (insert band) promotes A LOT of (insert obvious human rights violations)...
Hipster: "Like you'd know! You just don't understand the complexity of them! You're just another close minded arrogant MTV loving conformist!"

**Most hipsters don't care to actually read real books; however since reading, philosophy, politics, what not is so "uncool" it's automatically a pseudo-interests, because the people who dislike such things are SUCH conforming robots of society!

4* The same things happen, random people hook up, people get their pictures taken by whatever paparazzi, we see if we recognize so and so who we heard some gossip about and look; there's some booze.
by reasonsreasonsreasons April 03, 2010
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