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1. Someone who dickrides, or becomes a fanatic of former Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Michael Vick either because of his talents or after he was released from prison. The act of Vickriding has been going on since his Virginia Tech days but it has worsened since he was released from jail for dogfighting.

New age Vickriders are those who hated Michael for fighting pitbulls and then became "fans" when he started playing football again for the Eagles and doing great. Many football fans have put Vick's troubles to the past while others ignored his criminal history and focused on his talent. Vickriders can be found anywhere in the world.
Carl: Michael Vick is my favorite QB of all time. I can't believe he is playing for my favorite team, the Philadelphia Eagles! Go Number 7!

Jared: Shut up Carl. Just 5 months ago you went on a rant about how bad he is for killing dogs now you're in love with him. You're such a Vickrider.
by realvickfan2012 July 11, 2012

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