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1 definition by realtakerv2

A piece of shit wrestler who got more fame than he deserved. Then agin Vince McMahon gets a LARGE erection over well built men.

Horrible wrestler who just uses a double underhook rib breaker (holds both arms and knees the ribs twice), Spinebusters, Clothlines, and a Sitout Powerbomb as his ONLY movies outside punching and kicking.

Also fired for getting ECW's Shelly Martinez {Arial, Kevin Thorns Valet) fired because she freaked out on him for constantly hitting on her in public. He went crying to Triple H who went to Stephine who fired her.

Also do to his inemptness caused The Undertaker a servere injury
God only knows how Triple H pulled the matches out with Batista that he did.

2x WWE World Heavyweight Champion, 2x World Tag Team Champion both times with Ric Flair, 1x WWE Tag Team Champion with Rey Mysterio Jr. 2005 Royal Rumble Winner. 2/1 Wrestlemania Record.
by realtakerv2 July 15, 2007