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If you have (or know) kids, you know what I mean.
You hear them in the store whining and pleading to their parents to purchase the latest stuffed Barney toy.
If asked, a child might say he/she loves Barney more than his/her parents.
Why? Because Barney never gets mad, nothing bad ever happens to Barney, yet Dad just got passed over for a promotion and Mom just lost her job.
Barney sugar-coats and presents a false view of reality.
Singing a happy song and forgetting the problem is Barney's way of dealing with difficult situations.
Children will not be able to handle them on their own.
The lasting effects of the show might last well into the teenage years.
When they realize that life isn't really what Barney told them it was like,
who knows what will happen?
Barney also becomes a member of the family often times replacing a parent.
On the show, the kids all do what Barney tells them to in perfect conformity without a hint of individual personality.

There is also no clear distinction between reality and what's supposed to be in the kid's imagination.
Only in the theme song is it mentioned that Barney is an imaginary character.
Most of the show has an appearance of being real.
At the "target" age, the kids won't know the difference.
In some of the scenes, it's pretty obvious because something will appear out of thin air, or Barney will do a super-fast costume change.
Many of the scenes which show children interacting with Barney, and Barney solving the problems with a song aren't so obvious.
Be careful not to underestimate what your child is taking in.
As young children age, their brains become more developed different areas of the brain develop at different rates.
This means that a child may understand what he/she's seeing on the screen, but may not be able to communicate it with you.

Now, have you ever watched the show?
Do you just plop your kids in front of the TV and leave them there?
Too many parents just leave their kids watching Barney unattended.
This is bad. This is very bad.
If a parent does this, they have no idea what messages a show is teaching their kids.
Some parents also use Barney as a pacifier.
This is one of the worst things any parent can do to their child. Just as a small child becomes dependent on their plastic soother for comfort, they can become dependent on Barney, the biggest pre-school money making machine of the nineties.
(Remember that the only reason Barney and Friends is aired is to make money.
It isn't being run by a non-profit group, some people are getting very rich from Barney)

Have you witnessed first-hand the impressions the show is making on your child?
I suggest you watch the show and see for yourself what messages are being shown.
This may not be a definition, but rather an advise and the thruth of Barney (IOW, it IS a definition.
by realass dude November 16, 2004
A MMORPG created by Gravity Corp. (Which I guess they have more MMORPGS out there, but this far the best.)
People are rather nice there possibly because of the strict rules or just because of personality.

Also a MMORPG which if full of girls 0.o (strange...), I actually know one who plays it and is my neighbour (and she is not fat, ugly and nerdy you faggots).

Consisting on 1 starting class which then becomes 6 more classes which then become 13 more classes (I think).
Acolyte (me): *Killing a poring*
She: Could you please heal me?
They: Heal us with your might holy god.
Me: o.0!!!
by realass dude October 05, 2004
1. A leg bone... What else?

2. A MMORPG created by some Germans in an university.
The liked Ultima graphics, so they used it on theirs (RIP-OFF DUDES!!!).
It has about 15 servers but they are ALWAYS full except at 2:00 AM
It can only hold about 850 people at the time and it's the game with the MOST LAG (believe it or not, this fact is true).
I has four classes. Knight, Paladin, Druid and Sorcerer.

The knight is TOTALLY nerfed, yeah the guy blocks well... BUT! His attacks are inferior of the druid!
The paladin is an archer... Wasn't them royal knights?

This is the magic kingdom of n00bs, everyone wants "itens". Oh, the items cost hella money and the levels are a big pain in the ass, no, a pain in the dick! Unless you buy a premium account (extra isle where NO ONE is there), you won't surpass Lvl. 20 unless some miracle happens.

There are no stats, you can get has powerful has a 70 sorcerer with same magic, equip and money, at level 30 difference? HP and MP. And you can actually defeat him! This is the place where you can get easily looted, KSed and get killed by other monsters (luring)

This is a very sucky game, get other MMORPG, really.
I was a Lvl. 54 Knight and a Lvl. 61 Sorcerer, yet I quit because of the n00bs and all the bad things I noticed.
by realass dude October 06, 2004
A Ragnarok Online server. Lag depends on your connections, and of course, to reduce it lower your image quality.
Horribly known because of the many bots there are. Although if they are not bots they are actually very nice.
I rather stay in a private server than in iRO... But of course... I got friends in iRO...
by realass dude October 05, 2004
Let's talk about Hillary Duff and Britney Spears.
They are both stupid AND are blondes. 80% of blondes in USA are stupid. They have more fun because they study less, which means more work in the future.
by realass dude November 03, 2004
The PS2. Who cares DVD? I can see 'em in my computer and does NOT crashes. The system is bad, yes, it has many games but 70% of them very overhyped for nothing ("Final" Fantasy) or just way to shitty.

Loading takes years for it to finish, it crashes a lot and has the worst graphics between the three.

Pure shit.
If you actually love the PS2, you are a bastard. Please, get yourself a Xbox or a GC, I even recommend you a N-Gage or even a Atari with E.T. included!
by realass dude October 10, 2004
Said to be one of the worst MMORPGS ever because of the lack of customer support.
Refer to: Lineage
Or, see the thruth at GameFAQs.com reviews.
by realass dude October 10, 2004
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