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Doing something unexpected or memorable, especially outside of your comfort zone, such as literally tossing a snake at someone, or just streaking across a football field. Just anything that will let you look back on your life later on and say "Yes. I am glad I did that shit."
Tim: I can't believe Rob just shot that cow with a rocket launcher!
Tom: Yeah, that's how you toss the snake.
by RC-Odin September 08, 2011
Tiny little town in Northern Mississippi that has a terrible football team, but a good band. Filled mostly with uptight hyper religious types, stoners, the reddest rednecks around, and military airmen, all sharing one goal: to get the fuck out of there.
Guy 1: "Hey man, where do you live?"
Guy 2: "Caledonia."
Guy 1: "Oh wow, man, I'm sorry for your torment."
by RC-Odin October 23, 2011

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