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Love is the greatest thing in the world when your in it.
Love is the most painful thing in the world when the person you are in love with is not in love with you.
Love is hard. But rewarding when you get it right.
Lust is the desire for their body
Love is the desire for their soul.
by rayyylala April 17, 2008
emo is just a shortened word for emotion
if you are an emotional person you could call yourself an emo.
but those emo-extremists who go around slitting their wrists and talking like the world hates them.
i wouldn't call them emos. id call them attention seekers.
they need to get a life.
dude1: so what ya do today?
dude2: i hate the world.. *cut cut cut*
dude1: dude, ur such an attention seeker...
dude2: im emo.
dude1: whatever u say. if ur so emo, go be emotional about saving the planet, freak.
by rayyylala April 17, 2008

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