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3 definitions by ray-cait-whatev

crazy ass mother fucker blackbelt who can whoop your butt without you even knowing they are there. Crazy skilled, stealthy, never seen. usually teens and mid 30s. Quick moving and very effective.
We are some of the most nastiest ninjas in the world.
by ray-cait-whatev April 03, 2010
13 4
when a man's sack tastes sweet; has a nice flavor; rich and satisfying; the sack leaves the partner wanting more
When i gave him a blow job his sugar sacks were amazing
by ray-cait-whatev April 03, 2010
1 2
old, nasty, corn like kernels of mold and diseases on the tip of a man's penis; gross, raucnhy penis
when we went to have sex, i pulled down his pants and he had penis corn!
by ray-cait-whatev April 03, 2010
2 11