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emo's are people how like to express their feelings through song or poetry.We dont hate the world, we just want to feel loved by others, we're just a little lonely, and confused, (thats perfectly normal, anyway, like, who here doesnt get lonely or confused about something?, i dont get why people see as as freaks!) We're perfectly normal, we're just a bit more emotional than others.Not all emo's cut them selves, you dont need to cut yourself to become emo, yeah we do cut ourselves, but we seldomly do that, we just cut ourselves sometimes because it helps us feel something but again you really dont need too if you dont want to.Emo's are very affectionate, and actually very nice, we dont listen to music because its different and probably wierd to you haters, we listen to music because we can relate to it, because we could see the meaning in the lyrics.When emo's want something , we go for it, we dont care if others dont like it as long as we're happy with it. Emo's are not lowlifes who do nothing but lock their selves in their rooms and cry every night. we can have fun too, we can laugh and make jokes too, we have our own lives too!Maybe if you haters get to know us better you'll probably like us alot.Being emo is my own way of expressing myself, and its my own way of solving my problems.Any way thanks for reading this and i hope it helps you understand a little more about emos... Oh, and almost forgot, EMOS DONT OVERREACT TO EVERYTHING!OKAY? well see yah........ BYE;)
people who listen to emo music, even if they dont want to,just so they can get noticed-POSERS!
people who cut them selves excessively and display their scars to others-DEFINITLEY POSERS!
people who dont care what people say,as long as their happy, write emotional songs and poetry and cut themselves(rarely),NOT TO GET NOTICED, they just do it when they feel like it- now thats an Emo...EMOS DONT NEED OTHERS SYMPATHY, AND WE DEFINITLEY DONT WANT OTHERS TO PITTY ON US, so when some one tells you their emo just to get your attention that person is a M**********n' poser.
by raxelle July 19, 2009

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