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A combination of the most commonly used leet words by taking the last letter of one word and fusing it with the first letter of another word.

Preferably saying: rawr rolling on the floor laughing out loud my ass off my god!
Jimbo: I can haz cheezburgr!!

Bimbo: rawroflolmaomg!
#rawr #rofl #lol #lmao #omg #rawroflolmaomg
by rawroflolmaomg January 26, 2008
The term referring to the base word, "w00t". The"n3zz" portion is to add more emphasis to the reason why you have said w00t in the first place.
"OMG! I just found a quarter! W00tn3zz!!!"
#w00t #woot #w00tn3zz #wootnezz #omg
by rawroflolmaomg January 21, 2008
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