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Some fake girl/boy goes on google or bing and searches "scene kids" or "emo people" and stuff like that. They study the culture so much they over do it. Somebody who goes around school always talking about how thier life sucks. Wears ALLL black and nothing else, listens to rock bands but dont like rock music, and everything else thats so freaking noticable to being a emo poser.
the examples shows explain better-
1:School girl - Hey (name), why are you always wearing black nd stuff?
Emo poser - Oh I didnt tell you? im going emo.

2: *facebook* The emo poser puts as his/her status "My life feakin sucks, I stepped in dog poop, by bf/gf broke up with me, and i got yelled at by my parents for printing out a whole bunch of pictures of my favorite bands. Im gonna go cut myself now. should i commit suicide??"

3: Random student - EMO FREAK!!

Emo poser - So? i love being emo!!!!

4: Boy student - (friends name) why are you being so emo all of sudden? Are you turning emo???
Emo poser - Yea, im totally emo. Im always wearing black and putting my hair in my eyes. Wanna see my cuts? i wear jackets to hide them. Do you know fall out boy? They are sooo cool.
by rawrinaform August 04, 2011

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