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3 definitions by rawrdinorawr

A very beautiful girl who is a total clutz. Guys are all over Hannah's because of their charming personality. Hannah's aren't afraid of what people think of them. They are a bit shy at first, but get to know them because soon they're the most outgoing person you've met. Hannah's are also really talkative and they take an hour to tell a five minute story. Get to know a Hannah and you'll fall in love immediately :)
Girl 1: Who's your bestfriend?
Girl 2: My best friend's a Hannah
Girl 1: You're so lucky!
by rawrdinorawr January 15, 2011
256 142
The most beautiful girl you know. She's very loud and she knows it too. She doesn't care about what people think... most of the time.
Everyone loves a Sonora!
by rawrdinorawr January 17, 2011
28 8
A south african dude who's in love with his best girl friend. He likes wearing crowns. He loves his twin with all his heart and likes to make her laugh. He's a very very nice guy and fun to get to know(:
Rock that crown you, you umm.... you DHYAANEN!!
by rawrdinorawr January 17, 2011
7 0