4 definitions by rawb

It's Jamaican slang for a rag/towel used to wipe your ass.
Bwaaayy, you are a stinkin' raasclaat!
by Rawb January 17, 2005
Mass killing of all the Crangs/Cranguses
My god, was it a GENOCIDE?
No, Crangucide.
by Rawb February 16, 2005
owening people's networks by "netstumbling" their wifi.
These newbs don't have their wifi secured, OWENED!
by RAWB November 04, 2003
1. The best Counter-Strike player in the world.

2. The best TFC player in the world.

3. The best gamer in the world.

4. The best awper in the world.

5. The best sniper in the world.

6. The best person in the world.

7. One who is to be worshiped above all others.
I wish I was like TheKing.
by rawb August 30, 2003

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