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4 definitions by ravy

Recurring catchphrase in the film Dead Man, directed by Jim Jarmusch. The line is pronounced by the Indian Nobody. It is self explanatory and multi purposeful. Try it yourself!

(Nobody also appeared in Jarmusch's next movie, Ghost Dog, saying the same line)
White Man: ...
Nobody: Stupid fucking white man.
White Man: ...
by ravy July 31, 2005
28 16
Men's magazine catering to oversexed braindead morons and featuring double-extra-soft porn (no actual nudity), gadgets, sports, cars and beer.

Maxim, FHM, Stuff.

AKA laddie mag, etc.
Her: I am going to the market.
Him: Please obtain for me quality men's publication that I will in no way use for wanking purposes, mom.
by ravy July 26, 2005
15 6
The act of impersonating a Caucasian is called "passing for white" or simply "passing". Light-skinned blacks or Latinos may have engaged in this activity (especially in pre-1960's America) in order to obtain privileges available only to those of the honkey persuasion.

See: The Human Stain, Imitation of Life
The back of the bus seems kinda crowded. I think I'll pass for white today.
by ravy July 27, 2005
53 50
To "take it out in trade" means being owed money and receiving some sort of a service in exchange. Usually refers to sex, i.e., a pimp engaging in sexual activity with a hooker who didn't earn her daily quota.
That bitch couldn't pay for the home network installation, so I took it out in trade.
by ravy July 28, 2005
22 50