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The usual general term of raver is people who go to all night long parties. The real ravers are those who don't classify themselves as a raver unless completely misunderstood as to how exactly they party when asked.

kandy Kids- "Kids" who wear brightly colored plastic beads refered to as kandy. They typically wear oversized pants featuring children cartoons such as care bears, spongebob, rainbowbrite, etc. They love to spread P.L.U.R.R.(Peace Love Unity Respect Responsibility) around. They love to write on you with UV reactive markers, give hugs, lightshows, always carry glowsticks and blinkies, pass out stickers and candy. Typically their musical choice is Happy Hardcore, number one, and trance. Kandy kids today usually are E-tards. The real kandy kids are those who go to raves, spread P.L.U.R.R., love and all that good stuff but do it sober.

Jugalist- Typical jungalist HATE kandy kids. They find their whole "act" annoying. Jungalist are also "supposed" to hate glowsticks. They mostly listen to Jungle/DnB. They like to wear earth tone colors, like dark green, brown etc.

Cyber ravers-listen to cyber trance, haha just kidding, cyber trance is really good though. Anyways, typically wear bright flourecent dreads like hot pink or neon green. Wear silver clothing with reflective tape on them. Crazy make up too!

The general raver- A person who goes to the parties, wears whatever is comfortable, no label.

Gothic raver- Gothic clothes, unsociable, listen to hardcore/gabber

The skanks-Not a raver, just somebody who likes to party and wants to get laid. Take advantage of the drugged up people. Does not necessarly have to be a girl. Most girls dress very skanky.

Typically is used a lot because it's changing. The scene is changing so the labeled raver may or may not do/wear these things.
Dude I'm going to a rave this weekend! Man you're such a raver.
by rave_girl3000 November 07, 2005

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