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A beautiful city in Central Europe with a long history that has sadly become a tourist trap
In the early '90s, after the fall of Communism, Prague was the place to be, now its a magnet for football hooligans on a cheap holiday
by Rattus cattus September 14, 2006
a gay, pedophilic, coke-snorting US Senator from Wisconsin who ruined the lives of countless numbers of Americans in his paranoid witch-hunt against alleged Communists and who severely damaged the American political system until he was brought down. Inexplicably, right wing authors like Ann Coulter are trying to rehabilitate his reputation
Joseph McCarthy played upon people's fears of communism to advance his own political career and in the process corrupted American democracy
by Rattus cattus July 04, 2006
A Central European country that has suffered immensely through the centuries because of being coveted by larger neighbors. The reputation of Poles being stupid came from them being willing to fight for their country and their freedom when they had no chance in hell of winning. Poland, contrary to popular belief, is a very cultured country that has produced many great scientists, authors, artists, writers, film directors, etc. Poland is now in the European Union. The most negative thing about Poland, however, is the lingering tradition of antisemitism that has survived even though Poland has almost no Jews. This is ironic because Poland before the Russians came in was not as anti-semitic as other European countries ; the Russians introduced the virus of antisemitism into Poland and unfortunately it remained. It probably thrived because of Poles' pride in their Catholicism (even under Communist rule the church remained strong) causing them to look suspiciously upon non-Catholics. Nevertheless Poland has made many great contributions to the world, and perhaps the greatest was the Polish Resistance fighting the Nazis when they had no hope of prevailing against Hitler's war machine. Millions of Poles died in the Nazi concentration camps built on Polish soil. Lech Walesa's Solidarity movement, with the backing of the Polish Pope John Paul II, helped bring down Communism ; Poland was the first communist country to return to democratic rule.
The world owes Poland a debt of gratitude for the contributions of Poles in fighting Nazi Germany
by Rattus cattus September 14, 2006
A derogatory term for a Jewish person. The term originated amongst American Jews in the early 20th century as a slur against Eastern European Jewish immigrants, but somehow became mostly used by anti-Semites as a slur against all Jews.
Neo-Nazi scum claim that "kikes" control both major US political parties and drive US foreign policy.
by Rattus cattus October 19, 2006
The first African-American war criminal.
Condi Rice was one of the major architects of the invasion of Iraq before becoming Secretary of State
by Rattus cattus September 14, 2006
An old fashioned style of country music dating from the late 1930s pioneered by Bill Monroe (who invented the name) and Roy Acuff. While some people believe it to be the traditional music of the Appalachian mountains, it's basically what country music was like before influences from jazz, blues, and pop came in. Most popular in Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee and Virginia. In bluegrass the guitar fiddle and banjo are the most important instruments and there is no drumming nor percussion. It has had a small but devoted following outside of the South for years, and despite being associated with toothless inbred hicks to some is a genre very highly respected by musicians - not just country musicians but rock and even jazz musicians. Often used in films and TV set in the South, in the last few years it has undergone a massive revival in popularity worldwide because of the film "O Brother Where Art Thou".
Bluegrass isn't just played by Southerners any more - although it's still rare to find an African-American bluegrass musician.
by Rattus cattus November 17, 2006
Caudillo de Espana por la gracia de dios (Dictator of Spain by the Grace of God). Western Europe's last fascist dictator who overthrew a legitimate democratic government which led to a civil war which he won thanks to the help of Hitler and especially Mussolini, resulting in considerable misery, isolation, executions of political prisoners and gays, and the wholesale trashing of Spain's cultural life. It has taken years for Spain to undo the damage Franco caused, even after over 30 years of democracy. And, all reports to the contrary, he's still dead
Francisco Franco's government banned the use of minority languages and heavily censored the media
by Rattus cattus July 04, 2006

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