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Someone who is, in the majority of cases, not actually Irish at all. To be Irish, you have to be born in IRELAND. Its a relatlively small Island off the coast of the UK for those who don't know...

This whole identity seems to be popular amongst people who seem to be attracted to aligning with and relating to a nationality that is often seen to be; a minority, hard done by, repressed, and most importantly of all, WHITE. Yes, that is why it is regarded by some to be attractive to be strongly linked to this diaspora, YOU ARE HARD DONE BY, AND WHITE!!!!!!!!!! amazing! That, in my opinion, is why so many people want to be an Irish American, for them it is much better than being 'Mexican' or 'Black'. You're just American, get over it.
Well, im irish american me... Yeah and proud. Wait, can you put the subtitles on for this irish accent on the tv here? yeah, my great great grandma came to the US from Ireland in 1802. Her maiden name was Chan.
by rasta0001 April 09, 2008
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