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5 definitions by rasta

Means the same as brethren just said different.
"yo bredda" hello brethren - close male friend.
by rasta July 23, 2003
a crew who runs southend
look man dem polpaks r big
by rasta March 29, 2005
A headlock.
by Rasta May 04, 2003
meaning asshole, fassy hoe = trashy girls that take it up the dirt box. fassy hole = gay man as does chi chi man.
by rasta July 23, 2003
A Christian denomination/cult from Jamaica. They believe that Selassie (a Christian emperor of Ethiopia) was the second coming of Christ.

Rastafaris believe in the Bible, which they use to justify smokin weed.

They call God Jah (because that is the name the Bible gives Him. Psalm 68:4).
by Rasta September 08, 2003