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Refers to the little swimmers (sperm or mermaids) every man carries that women just cant get enough of. Mermaids which were once thought extinct cloned themselves into exact replicas of sperm and now invade every orafice the human body has to offer.
Hey man, did you see that guy on the beach, he shot spermaids all in that girls mouth.
by Raptor13fox July 13, 2011
This happens when you visit a porta-john or portable outhouse and need to drop a #2 into the bottom. When you give your final push and it lands, your rectum and buttox are then covered in the familiar blue water resulting in getting smurf splashed.

This normally occurs after the porta-john has been cleaned and fresh blue liquid has been put inside the reservoir.
I had to take a crap and dude i tell you, i have never been smurf splashed like i was just then.
by raptor13fox July 21, 2011

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