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Having completed a task with great accuracy.
"A+! I nailed that test."
"I threw the rock and, nailed that guy between the eyes!"
by Ransom June 17, 2003
A religious fanatic, usually Christian, but not in the suicidal way. Likely to be idiotic and/or ignorant. Possibly dropped on head several times as a child.
Go suck a bible, churchy! >=O
by Ransom June 17, 2003
a smuck-negro. very difficult to differenciate between regular negros and shmigros.
too bad americas jammed packed full of shmigros.
by ransom February 16, 2005
A mysterious Delterian superhero who builds levels while he's not saving damsels in distress. Guys are tough. They can help thier own damn selves.
"I'm not the Amazing LATman! What are you talking about?" *sweat drop* - Bludbath
by Ransom June 17, 2003
Fantasticly stinky. usually caused by asain and middle eastern recipe.
Your moms dinner made my butt very stanktastic
by ransom February 16, 2005
Not a mispelling of spoon. Generally used as an exclamation or insult, and occasionally an acknowledgement or expression of indifference (like meh), or confusion. It can only be correctly used as the single word in a sentence.
1. Spon.

2. Spon!

3. Spon?

Incorrect: What the spon?
by Ransom March 29, 2005
You're as bald as Fishbulb!
by Ransom June 17, 2003

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