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1. Premier hockey league in the world, playing host to the greatest talents to ever hit the ice. 2. Also, the NHL is in big trouble with the pending CBA.
I love the NHL, it kicks the NBA's ass.
by rangerfriek21 June 10, 2004
1. A once hockey dynasty, who now blows. The all mighty Islanders are so magnificent that they lost to the Rangers 6, count em, 6 times this past season. 2. A team run by a complete and total idiot Mike Milbury and a person who gives out free eggroles after each win. 3. The only team stupid enough to give up Zdeno Chara and Jason Spezza for Alex Ca$hin. Also lost players such as Bertuzzi, Luongo, Pallfy. see also, Fishsticks, annoying, unlikeable, Satan.
Hm, the Islanders ram dogs in the butt.
by rangerfriek21 June 10, 2004
the phrase that the slimjim guy says.
hot damn, examples of eat me are unheard of.
by rangerfriek21 June 10, 2004
slut, see also uterus eating hobo.
i will be nice.
by rangerfriek21 June 10, 2004

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