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Verb. Performed by a person when approached at a bar by a complete minger, to display immediate disapproval and rejection.

Similar action to that made by a movie director to cut filming: While shaking the head, running their hand across their throat with a disgruntled look on their face.
Holy shit man! Did you just see Dalton give that ranga the throat chop? He is one ruthless mofo!
by rangerdiko July 14, 2009
E-Chop (verb) – an electronic version of Throat Chop, meaning to reject, deny or break up with someone using electronic communication, including (but not limited to) Email, SMS, MMS, instant messenger, Skype, facebook, blog, morse code. Generally practised when the E-Chopper:

(i) does not have the balls to do it in person;

(ii) for whatever reason, doesn’t think the recipient is worthy of an ‘in person’ Throat Chop; or

(iii) is a mute and has difficulty communicating otherwise.
So I heard Dalton gave that wench an E-Chop today. I hope she checks her email before she sees him getting jiggy tonight!
by rangerdiko September 30, 2009
When a male tries everything to discourage or scare away a female, only for her to graciously accept his chauvinistic requests and continue to hang on. The occurrence of the Pants Transfer means that the male "wears the pants", allowing him to become extremely arrogant, demanding and chauvinistic. This often backfires on the male by making the female more interested.
He tried to scare her away by telling her how much of a man-whore he is, that he doesn’t want a relationship and just generally being a prick. Now she has a fire raging in her loins. Talk about Pants Transfer!
by rangerdiko October 15, 2009
The trip home after the guy drops a girl back to her house the morning after a one-night-stand. The man generally feels elated for the following reasons:

(a) he has recently been sexually gratified
(b) he has been set free
(c) he is past the awkward "goodbye kiss"
(d) he is slightly intoxicated from the night before
(e) he is cranking his favourite victory music and eating McDonalds
I like to play Franz Ferdiand on my Victory Lap.... "No you girls never know..."
by rangerdiko October 19, 2009

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