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Another way of saying that the government is tired of trying to fix the mess they've made for us, so they are going to go home and sleep until someone else fixes the problem.
We the Strong nation Of the United States of America have decided to have a Government-Shutdown, and in doing so we the government expect that this will make everything worse, but rest assured the senate and congress will be sitting cozy in our large mansions waiting for someone to fix this for us.
by randy Farris April 08, 2011
A bill passed by congress in late 2010, granting americans the freedom to Urinate in public places outdoors, where previously this would be considered indecent exposure.
I know my rights Officer! the Freedom of Urination Act, as it states, gives me the right to urinate on the side of this courthouse, and any other place I please to do so
by Randy Farris April 08, 2011
A female zombie thats main source of nourishment is the penis rather than a normal zombie who eats Brains.
hell naw, I wasn't about to let that zombiewhore suck on my dick.
by Randy Farris April 06, 2011
A baby, whose mother used heroin(smack) during the 9 months of pregnancy.
Unfortunately Frank, this baby is a smackbaby
by randy Farris March 20, 2011
Similar to a booby-trap in the regards of trapping a person and leaving them debilitated. But a booty-trap is the same concept but the prey is unsuspecting women who u have chosen to Mate with and share DNA.
Steve -"Theres no way this bootytrap is going to work paul"

Paul-" The bootytrap never fails"
by randy Farris March 20, 2011
A Vagina thats inner membrane walls are coated with an abrasive sandlike material which makes conventional sex unsuitable.
I was about to fornicate with her, but i soon discovered that she had a SandTwat!
by Randy Farris March 20, 2011
A kleptomaniac who has an unhealthy, sexual compulsion to cum on the objects that they steal.
When I discovered that all the stolen merchandise was covered in a sticky substance, i realized that we weren't just dealing with Kleptomania, but also....Kleptophilia.
by Randy Farris April 08, 2011

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