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2 definitions by randomoscity

When liquid, watery crap comes flying out your ass at high speeds, destroying anything that isn't made of porcelain that gets in its way. Known for causing extreme amounts of pain. Similar to a shotgun, except it hurts the shooter more than the shot. For this reason, I like to call it "Shotgun Shit". Caused by eating too much fast food or anything from a Mexican food stand.
*After eating burrito from food stand*

To Mexican: Donde esta el bano?! Yo tengo diarrhea!
(Where is the bathroom?! I have diarrhea!)

-Yes, diarrhea is the same in both English and Spanish. I checked.
by randomoscity November 10, 2010
The whole reason the pokemon series in its entirety has gone downhill.
Ash ketchum is a retard.
by Randomoscity November 25, 2010