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sexy bi-atch who is totally insane in the most awsome way
TOTAL NINJA! has FREAKIN AMAZING HAIRTSYLES AND COLORS!! she is the most random person ever who always wants spaghetti and walks around saying beans.. and making up songs about her socks and wearing the most amazing clothes you will ever see you can always hear Irene when she is miles away. is a really good drawer and has many wives (as a joke) she thinks when your knee is hurting you must have diabetes and has a huge fascination for GIR!!!!! you will never forget her even if you don't speak to her she is THE BAWSE AND DA' BOMB. and bow chicka wow wow. ( Irene in background dancing and doing the air)
(Amazing) (doing air and random poles) (irene)
by randomishly November 23, 2011
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