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1.When you see an odd or quite spectactular/awesome creature or animal
2.When you see an odd or quite spectactular/awesome person
3.When an odd or quite spectactular/awesome event or situation takes place
1. That girl is so hot! She's emuchickala!
2. That squirrel is crazy; it's almost emuchickala!
#animals #animal #strange #barrel roll #cosby #emu #emo #chicken #fresh #flash dance
by random_knowledge June 14, 2007
Originiating from the movie of the same name. The idea is that if one's roommate at college were to suddenly die then that other person would get straight a's for the rest of the school year. For one can't seriously be thought to continue on with there studies if they are mourning the death of their roommate.
Movie = Dead Man on Campus
#dead #college #grades #roomate #movie
by random_knowledge June 15, 2007
It's an act of totally whooping someone's ass in wii sports for the wii. More specifically doing it with your own mii and getting the satisifaction that the fact that you have no life and have no chance at getting a girlfriend has finally paid off in some form.
Player 1: Damn you beat me good... and wih your own mii
Player 2: Damn right son! You just got mii'd!
#wii #wii sports #mii #video games #lifestyle
by random_knowledge June 15, 2007
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