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When a male finds a hot girl on myspace/facebook and plans to "meet up" with her. At the meeting, the unfortunate male discovers that the pictures were lies, and he is confronted by a 60 year old Hilary Clinton look-alike. The Angry Hubert is when the aforementioned hag begins to molest him.
Dude, myspace molestation goes both ways! Jimmy just got the angry hubert last night!! He's been puking blood ever since.
by random122387 November 18, 2007
Being in one of two particular states of high achieved from smoking marijuana or the synthetic JWH found in some brands of incense.

The first level of enlightenment is characterized by a euphoric enjoyment of reading and writing literature (especially poetry) or philosophy. This is particularly true of the works of the Beat writers of the 50's. This state is best accompanied by medium low lighting, the music of Charlie Parker or Miles Davis, the poetry of Alan Ginsberg and Gary Snyder, a notebook and pen, and a pack of cigarettes.

The second level of enlightenment is more trippy and psychedelic. The Beatles "Here Comes the Sun" and coloring in a coloring book are the preferred activities for this state. Staring off into space "thinking about stuff." In this state, one may profess to be able to understand the meaning of the songs "Come Together" or "I Am the Walrus." The following examples are representative of the second level of enlightenment.
1. Friend 1: How enlightened are you right now?

Friend 2: I'm pretty baked, in the sense that I feel like

the fried potato wedges under the warming

lamp at the deli in the grocery store.

2. Text from hot female friend: Just how enlightened are you?

Enlightened reply: If you were here right now, you'd

probably want to hug me, because it would seem like

I was about to turn into a cartoon animal.
by Random122387 October 29, 2010

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