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a teenyboppa is generally like a try hard. they will run around wearing ugg boots and wearing clothes that they read in a magazine where in fashion. they listen to the worst choice of music because once again, they read or saw on tv that it was cool
example 1:
random1: hoo is listening 2 dat increadibly horible music
random 2: must b a teenyboppa. da tv this morning said it was cool

example 2:
woah look at that teenyboppa running around wearing ugg boots and magazine clothes
by random toolish noob April 03, 2005
the polite way to call some one a teenyboppa without them knowing - teenyboppa spelt bakwards
random:woah ur such a sappobyneet
teenyboppa:wats a sappobyneet
random:neva mind
by random toolish noob April 03, 2005

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