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That idiot who ran the U.S. from 2001-2004. The dude that almost choked on a pretzel. The fool that rules our country. Goddamn him to the lowest pits of Hell, in a hand basket, and beyond.
Burn thy shrubery and reject thy name, for you are no longer the president.
by Random Guy September 05, 2004
a slang term for drugs, commonly used in the ghetto.
"yo jamal you got the stuff?"
"damn right nigga!"
by random guy June 07, 2004
the act of ejaculating onto the face of a woman after oral sex and then proceeding to punch her nose for the desired result of cum and blood on her face, and she finds it erotic. (note: the term "jelly doughnut" is derived from the combination of cum and blood resembling a freshly bitten jelly doughnut.)
Things really started to heat up when she told me to give her a jelly doughnut.
by random guy February 19, 2003
God, or Great One
You are almost a Smeggums. yep, you are THAT DAMN GOOD
by Random guy April 09, 2003
Used in conjunction with can you see me now? to invoke rage and add insult to injury.
*Move to other side of victim and say* "How about now?"
by Random Guy July 23, 2004
Possibly the greatest user ever on IGN's boards. I reccomend giving him a WUL.
Last nite i was all over these hawt twins. Nmeshr92 > j00! Yay. +1 face_plain
by Random Guy March 16, 2005
To wiggle one's fingers behind an individual's head who's eyes protrude farther than normal, assuming excellent peripheral vision. The words, "Can you see me now?" Should be spoken while performing this act.
*wiggle fingers behind and to the side of victim* "Hey Josh, can you see me now?"
by Random Guy July 23, 2004
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