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when you have heard something that completely displeases you, and you must ask..

anne talor: sucka you got served!

rickie lake: SAY WHAT??

alex trebek: you must answer in the form of a question!
by rancor June 06, 2004
Person who upon friending you on a social website then goes through your entire list of friend's to add as many of them as possible.
I added Lori Paul on Facebook and she immediately added every single person my list she could, she's quite the ganker.
by Rancor January 27, 2015
when you want to say "lmao" (laughing my ass off), but want to be rockin' than everybody else.
charles: dude i just said a quite hilarious anecdote

michale-alexander: LMAONAISE!
by rancor June 06, 2004
he has teh gay =o
Milkman has teh gay =o
by rancor January 27, 2003
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