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5 definitions by rana

Spanish word for frog and arabic word for Gazelle
Hey look there's a rana!
by Rana March 19, 2005
Shema will give you a hug you when you're down and then a kiss to make all the bad things go away. I love you Shema!
Shema says kind words that are easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless.
by Rana March 12, 2005
to send a text message to a mobile fone
text me a msg bout if u can come tonite!
by rana May 15, 2004
is a term used to say "what" in a funny sense. Often used between people who know each other very well (i.e. mates)
Q = where did you go last night?

A = Boggota! (say it very fast and in a funny accent)
by Rana December 16, 2004
is a term used to describe someone that is funny in a natural way
you dumbo = you leggabatty
by Rana December 16, 2004