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A little ranger baby that everyone loves. Some girls have a weird fetish for him but duh he is gorg. He a hottayyyyyyy
"If you hurt angus we will hurt you"
"Angus is amazballs"
by Ramond October 23, 2014
Latin word derived from the word Bellend

It means that you are a dick, actually the end of the bell meaning the end of your dick.A derogatory term usually given to a complete twat of a person who is a real both batting faggot.

Ahmed khan is such a Balland!!
go smoke some weed rite now u stupid little bvalland
by ramond May 04, 2004
A nice girl who is obsessed with a particular sport. She is blondyish and she often has a bad fortune with boys. She is natural and is a tom boy. #WHITEGIRL She often gets called "nae" or "nay".
"I want to go to starbucks and get a pumpkin spice latte with benae"
by Ramond October 23, 2014
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