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This is notoriously the worst hood in Canada. It has a checkered history of many, many crimes including homicides, shootings, gang violence, extorsion, drug trafficing (most drugs sold in this neighbourhood than anywhere else in Canada) and many,many other crimes. It is the poorest neighbourhood in North America with over 75% of it's population living below the poverty line. More than 85% of people are immigrants or refuges mainly from Africa and South-Asia (pakistan, afghanistan, srilanka, india, iraq, etc) and their starving in the ghetto so they have to sell drugs to survive. It is a very dangerous neighbourhood even walking on the streets during bright day light something will happen to you so you have to be very careful. It has many gangs including GCP(Guilty Crime Posse; one of the biggest drug selling gangs in North America that made so much so much drug money they used it to make a rap studio), SUK(Stick Up Kidz), Flemo Likkle Yoots, H-Block Bloodz, H-Block Crips and many more. Other nicknames for Flemingdon Park include Flemo Park and H-Block. It's just a very poor dirty slum gutter ghetto violent hood.
Other nicknames for Flemingdon Park include Flemo Park and H-Block

Police: Wear a kelvar when walking on the streets of Flemingdon Park.
by rajha March 31, 2007
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