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Soho square is an area of enclosed grass land in the centre of Londons Soho district where scene kids come to play...
Just a 30 second walk from Londons Mean Fiddler (gig venue) it is a favourite for the vile ones to come 'hang', take pictures of one another and basically just look the same.
I could go on about how dumb and stupid they all are and adise you not to go there, but that would be selfish of me.
It's hilarious seeing 18 year old guys wearing pants three sizes to small for them and anorexic girls waiting for the 'hawt' scene boys to 'totally' make-out so i'd feel bad keeping it to myself...
Scene Kid 1: Soho Square where it be!
Scene Kid 2: Yeah and we can totally like, piss everyone around us off with our stupidity before the show at the mean fiddler tonight...

Oh to be a complete fucking idiot...
by rahrahrahrh October 17, 2005
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