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Hick-slang: To wash
Dang ol need to warsh them there socks.
by Ragnar October 23, 2002
slang term for the act of defocating.
Dude! don't go in there... I just took a grumpy man!
by Ragnar October 24, 2002
Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor. A type of field-effect transistor that functions when a controlling gate voltage is applied to the channel region across an oxide insulating material. Advantages: low power and process simplicity.
An inverter (aka NOT gate) can be made using one n-type and one p-type MOSFET.
by Ragnar January 23, 2005
any symbol that is not legible due to poor handwriting. Also, any string of characters and/or symbols that can not be deciphered.
did you see that glyph? what the hell did that say?
by Ragnar October 24, 2002
To add small amounts of impurities to a material in order to change the electrical characteristics of the material.
This piece of Silicon has been doped with Arsenic.
by Ragnar January 23, 2005
The school bus that the "special ed" kids would ride. Most often this is used to imply that someone has below average intelligence.
I bet that when you were a kid you rode to school on the small bus instead of the big one.
by ragnar January 31, 2006
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