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an evilcompany that became successful by thievery, bullshitting customers, keeping quality control OFF the table, and pulling unfair marketing schemes to leach money from people across the globe. continues to thrive off the rest of the population minus Mac users and uses its corporate power to control its market. Still has hardly made an effort to improve Windows since they know they have control over the market. They release new windows just to increase profit, and these "upgrades" are in effect just like looking through a different window at the same damn thing-a junk-piled OS.

the xbox 360 is their only tangible product. this device is possibly the worst excuse for a video game system. the only reason people buy it is for the selection of video games and exclusive games like halo that microsoft bought out.
*new xbox 360 4gb commercial*
Billy: "Wow that actually sounds like something i might buy from microsoft. they finally decided to really improve the 360. built in wifi, slimmer and runs quieter, sounds like a worthy game system."
Jesus: Now billy, you may think that at the moment, but you must discern that this is Satan tempting you. If you buy the reasonably priced 4g version, you will be trapped into buying a $130 hardrive if you want to play co-op in Halo Reach. This is deceiful trickery, because they knew they could have made their 4gb system work with Halo Reach, but decided not to. This microsoft you speak of is only out for profit, so do not let them lay their selfish tricks on you."
by rageagainstmicrosoft December 21, 2010
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