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stamford is where all the rich, pretty, smart bitches and hott niggas are..LEGIT! the kids pretty much get zooted 24/7. you'll be seeing high school kids smoking bogies and sippin on 40s everywhere. all the cool kids be postin up downtown at night on fridays or chillen at twin rinks in springdale, smoking blunts in the alleys.. everyone basically wears abercrombie, aeropostale, hollister, ed hardy and nike dunks. UGGS are the main thing for pretty bitches. everyone is just so rich that they spend benjamins on weed. stamford slang is the shit and no other state can understand us, urbandictionary is basically our lingo. bangers are our main hobby and theres probably one every single day. the people are mainly white albanians italians blacks and hispanics-dont fuck with them or theyll fuck you up. stamford is the shit so WE OUT? stamford high is so near downtown that the kids barely go to class and end up going to dunkin donuts or lightin up a bogie downtown.
yo stamford is the shit like legit dude
by raeee11 September 18, 2009

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