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A name given to a friend who is skinny fat - meaning skinny, but eats a lot of junk food all the time but is still somehow skinny. These people also tend to have very large eyes, hence the hibou (owl) part (They usually grow their bangs really long to hide them though).

These people usually have wild mood swings and may seem to disappear suddenly around 7pm on certain nights to secretly go to their AA meetings. These kinds of people also usually have a pepto bismol in handy in case of nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach and/or diarrhea! (Especially at Amusement Parks and hectic rides like the Thunder Run)
These people are also lanky.
See jercer

dani: whoa fatty it's 10:14pm how are u skinny?
jercer: im what you might call a skinny-fat hibou
by radsda1withunevenbrows January 18, 2011
Pronounced: JAIR-JAIR
it is a nickname given to someone usually with the name Gerald/Gerard or something similar. These are the poor boys that are magnetically attracted to the Jercer species. (whether the jercer is a boy or girl-the powers of magnetism cannot be stopped.....sorry)

Ger-Ger is just the nickname given to them when theyre IN the relationship with the Jercer. Its much cuter. The Ger-Gers during the period of time in the relationship (usually a long time..as i said before..magnetism is a strong force) simply because it sounds better and they wont care because they are under a spell by the Jercers (hypnotization....those dirty dumbershits)

Ger-Gers are very, very unlucky..so if you have a son named Gerald, Gerard or something similar.. cover him in 4 leaf clovers, horseshoes, a penny that he found on the ground, and other lucky/irish-y stuff
IMPORTANT!!!!! Knock on wood RIGHT when you get up! Those skinny-fat Jercers could be pulling you with their giant magnet on your front lawn!
Gerald: what a nice day
*jercer comes by with giant magnet*
GER-GER: iluvu my smootchie cootchie coo mwah mwah<3
dweber: Lesson learned! Don't name son Gerald!
by radsda1withunevenbrows February 24, 2011

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