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President of the United States of America.

also known for being a dumb fuck nigger who sucks his moms pussy at night, but thats the diffrent george bush
wanna fuck me?

george w. bush
by radjabov January 05, 2007
a place full of hicks that strive to make our country the best chicken possible =)

thank u kentucky for kentucky fried chicken and well.....yeh thats pretty much it...

person from indiana: hey dude wanna go get something to eat, i mean..we here at bloomington indiana are the residents of the number one party place in america.

other person: oky doky.

person from kentucky: fuck me in the ass real hard until i cant feel it and then put some semen into my eye and ill pretend i dont like it but i really will =D
by radjabov January 03, 2007

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