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An arm motion executed in time with the beat while performing or listening to rap music. The move is similar to the standard "fake jacking off" motion, however, one or more fingers are extended during rap hands.

See also jazz hands.
Watch enough footage of rappers performing and you will have a good idea of what rap hands is.
#jazz #hands #rap #music #stereotype
by radishes February 16, 2009
What you do when you want to look like you're helping without actually having to help.
After Madonna started raising awareness about Malawi, people cared a lot more about Malawi and all of Malawi's problems went away.
#lifestyle #brand #celebrities #activism #raise awareness
by radishes December 20, 2010
A protest festival. A good place to find counterculture through capitalism.
Hempfest, a yearly protestival in Seattle.
#protest #festival #pro-testival #hippies #hypocrite
by radishes August 09, 2010
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