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Niggerbabble is the unintelligible babbling that comes out of a nigger's mouth. It may come out sounding like "I beez wantz a White womin", or "I beez killn Whitey", or "Muh diKKK, muh diKKK". Niggers often issue forth these babblings while grabbing their crotches, in a desperate attempt to keep their sexual organs from falling off due to the effects of the many niggerborne communicable diseases they're infested with.

With babblings such as, "Whitey owz me a livin' " or "What I did beez Whitey's fault", niggers often use niggerbabble to avoid personal responsibility.
'Hey my nigga! Hit a nigga with some ends and ill pitch back some scrilla when i move these sacks"

"I'm sorry, but i do not speak your niggerbabble"
by racist bigot November 01, 2011

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